Service Manager Authoring tool memory leak

Here’s an interesting thing I ran into:

Authoring Tool Memory Error

As you might suspect, I’m on a laptop that regularly hosts my entire System Center lab, including fully implemented Ops Manager, Service Manager, Config Manager, Exchange, Lync, GCDC, Firewall, etc, so it’s probably not a hardware memory issue. (VMWare workstation is awesome, btw)

It turns out that the Authoring tool is a 32-bit application, and thus is subject to the 32-bit address limit, which on windows (even 64-bit like my virtual data center nee laptop) means that applications are limited to 2 GB of usable address space. Additionally, it looks like the authoring tool has a memory leak when closing a MP, that can leak as much as 400 MB each time you close an MP.

Authoring Tool Memory Leak

This was generated by repeatedly opening and closing the same small MP that contained exactly one entry: a form customization of the user CI Form. (Process Explorer is also awesome, fyi). Given the way that the CPU time required to open subsequent MPs increases, I suspect there is an object reuse issue, and that the extra CPU is sorting all of the abandoned objects from previous loads, but that’s total speculation, so +1 NaCl

Bottom line: Restart your authoring tool if you’re going to be working on multiple MPs.


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