Service Manager Authoring tool trims offerings

Quick FYI: The authoring tool strips off the XML tags that are used by service and request offerings. apparently a known issue.

This is kind of a theme with the service manager: mutually exclusive tools. My last project involved a custom coded form in Visual Studio, imported into the authoring tool as a DLL form control against a custom class, that was then imported into the console to add the Enums. I count myself lucky that project didn’t require offerings, so I didn’t run into this issue, but it’s indicative that it is easier to move work between different IDEs then to get one tool that does >= 95% of authoring tasks.

If you know anyone at Microsoft in the Service Manager group, ask them to spend some time improving the tool chain for

Bottom Line: don’t put workflows, form customization or class definitions in the same MP as templates, or offerings.


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