Write Conflict

Aaron Croasmun is a epic level contributor to the Service Manager forums, and he’s helped me personally out on several occasions.

Now, much like Prometheus (the allegory, not the terrible film), he has gifted for us something that will change the very nature of humanity. Ok, well, just the people who use service manager anyways.

Aaron has single-handedly solved the “This item cannot be updated because it has been changed by another user or process” write conflict error.

<pause for the shocked murmur of disbelief in the audience to die down>

Anyone who wishes to leave now and secure a copy from Technet Galleries may be excused. (more…)


Things Service Manager needs

In light of The Phoenix Post over at Technet blogs, I figured now would be a good time to start recording things I wanted to see in SM. This is my running list of improvements, advancements and enhancements that I want to see in service manager.

It should be noted that I don’t think any of these are required or essential. Service Manager is extremely flexible and has the ability to compete with the best ticketing systems on the market. Moreover, it’s the only ticket system (to the limits of my knowledge) that is both strongly typed enough to implement ITIL best practices, and flexible enough to allow companies to completely ignore them. That being said, it’s also kinda rough in some places, and these are the places I want to see polished for Service Manager V.Next: (more…)